Old Capitol Screen Printers

We do custom printing on all kinds of apparel.  And we’ve been doing it for a really long time.

Small orders, big orders, one color imprints or lots of colors—we like it all.  Most orders can be processed within 2 weeks, some faster if you really need it, some take longer if there are lots of changes.

Prices are pretty reasonable.  Every job is different, so we don’t put our pricelist online.  But just email us—we’ll get you a quote usually the same day.

So call or email us if you have an event, a group, a business or just want t-shirts for fun.  We have lots of other stuff too-- like pens, mugs, banners AND embroidery.  Yep. All of that.  And more.  Call us.


 We like being your printer.

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